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Want to make a stunning first impression on new customers? Want to blow their socks off? Video In Brochure presents the new Video Call Brochure The Video Call Brochure is a beautiful Video Brochure with a special feature. The brochure has an integrated module in which you can program the company phone number. The customer looks at the wonderful Video Call Brochure and contacts your company all with the push of a button. It doesn’t get any easier!

How does it work?

Real easy! With the Video Call Brochure you can start a phone call by pressing the call button. We deliver the video brochure with an integrated SIM card slot that is ready to use when you add a SIM card. Once you press the call button it will dial the preprogrammed number that you want!

Video in Brochure is a market leader in Video Brochures. As a company we are always looking for innovation. The Video Call Brochure is a new and innovative way of direct marketing. The video brochure has an integrated SIM which gives you the oppurtinity to make a call to the company that gave you the brochure. Get your direct marketing to a new level!

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