Video Business Card

A video brochure can also be delivered in the format of a business card. We call this a video business card. A video business card has the same open play technology as the video brochure but is made in a business card format. This makes the video business card unique!

Different screen sizes
The video business card can only be delivered with a 2.4 inch screen due to the small size. The screen has a display resolution of 320×240 and the aspect ratio 4:3. The video business card is small, light and easily usable for a mailing or as a giveaway.

On a video business card it is not possible to place buttons, for example for the volume. The paper size is too small for this purpose. If you still want to place buttons for the volume, then we suggest the video business card+. This model is a little bigger when it comes to paper size but ensures that you can use buttons for, among other things, the volume. This variant is also available with a 2.8 inch screen.

USB Cable
Along with the video business card we normally deliver a USB cable. With this cable it is possible to charge the video business card or replace (a) video(s). If the video business card is linked to your computer with the USB cable you can replace the current video for a different video. The video has to comply with a number of conditions, we will gladly help you. Because you can replace the video, the video business card can always be kept up to date.

Also interested in a video business card? Ask us for the possibilities!